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Dynamic Bicycles - Bike Simple, Bike Chainless

Chainless Bike - Shaft Drive Technology

Dynamic Bicycles' chainless bikes combine two innovative technologies to create bikes that are smoother to ride, easier to operate, and simpler to maintain than traditional chain bikes.  

Patented shaft drive - smoothly transfers power from the pedals to the rear wheel using highly efficient and durable gears instead of a sprocket and chain. 

Shimano's advanced internal gear hubs - all the gearing is neatly tucked away inside the rear hub making it maintenance-free and protected from the elements. With a gear range comparable to many chain-driven bicycles, the combination of the shaft drive and internal hub give you versatility without any external moving parts. 

The Shaft Drive 
The shaft drive uses heat treated chromoly spiral bevel gears and a steel shaft to smoothly transfer power from the cranks to rear wheel.  Using high quality sealed cartridge bearings and all housed inside a lightweight aluminium body the drive system is smooth and efficient with minimum maintenance. Our shaft drive, now in its 4th generation, has been in production since 1991, and is already on tens of thousands of bikes all over the world. 

By integrating our shaft drive with Shimano's internal hubs, Dynamic Bicycles not only have a sleek, modern look, but they deliver an incredibly smooth ride, great performance and eliminate the number one complaint people have always had about their bikes – the chain and derailleur. With our shaft drive bikes, there is no more oil; no more mess; no more cuts on fingers or tears in clothes; and no more chain and derailleur maintenance, just pure, worry-free riding fun.