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Dynamic Bicycles - Bike Simple, Bike Chainless

Reviews / Testimonials

11 Jul 2013
Sidekick 8 Folding Bike
I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service.

The bike arrived at 10.30 this morning.  It was unpacked and assembled within a few minutes following the instructions.

This bike is an absolute joy to ride and very smooth on the gear changes.

I shall definitely recommend both your company and your products to all my friends.  It is a pleasure to deal with such a professional company.

Thanks once again.

Ian B
08 Jul 2013
Tempo 8 - Commuter Bike
After reading up on shaft driven bikes I decided to test ride Dynamics Tempo 8.  At first sight the build quality is obviously very good, and after riding it I decided there and then to buy one.

I now use my Tempo 8 every day as commuting bike, it is smooth, strangly completely silent, fast and you arrive at work with out any oil marks up the inside of your leg like other bikes.   Gear changes from the Shimano Alfine hub is seamless - who need 27 gears, 8 is plenty!?

It's not a machine to ride the Tour de France on or win sprit races, but for commuting and weekend rides out it is perfect.

Colin at Dynamic Bikes must be given 10 out of 10 for customer service, it is excellent and he is very passionate about cycling.

Will R
21 Jun 2013
Tempo 8 - Review
Tempo 8 bike is great.

I have never expected that the riding may be so light, easy and pleasant.

The frame size 18" is just for me. 

The mechanical disc brakes are perfect and much more easy to maintain that the hydraulic brakes.

And this shaft drive system with internal gearing is perfect - no dirty and greasy chain and no dirty jobs to do.

I am very satisfied with this purchase and thank you once more for the fast delivery.

Cezary G
08 Jan 2013
Everyday Cyclist - Dynamic Bicycles Runabout
I am a normal everyday cyclist, using my bike to get me around from place to place.  I had recently treated myself to a new mountain bike which I was happily getting about on when I was offered the chance to test drive the Dynamic Bicycles Runabout.  Despite being quite different from my bike (thinner tyres, higher driving position) I immediately felt comfortable and was soon gliding smoothly and easily along the road.  I found I quickly got up some real speed too.  But, the best thing of all was the shaft-driven gear system.  I have to admit to struggling a bit with normal gears, finding myself clunking between them and never quite getting it right! At last, with the Dynamic Bike I finally understand what I’m doing.  Gear changes are smooth and simple, no clunking and you can change between any two gears whether moving or stationary without having to work your way through them all in order.  It’s fantastic.  There’s no oily chain to fall off or get your trousers caught up in either!  After 3 wonderful weeks of cycling I have sadly had to return the lovely Dynamic bike to allow another cyclist to enjoy it.  Yesterday I got back on my old mountain bike.  I hadn’t really considered how it might feel to change back, but discovered my bike to be hard work, sluggish and slow compared to what I had got used to.  And, oh, the pain of those gears!!  I am missing my Dynamic Bicycle more than I realised I would.  I think it’s time for me to start saving for another new bike.  I know what I’m going to get next time!

Victoria W
Swimming Teacher and mum of three
09 Nov 2012
Enjoyment - Sidekick 8
Things are going extremely well with my new Sidekick! I'm now getting to the point where riding is quite comfortable, which means my enjoyment of the bike is increasing daily.

The bike does its job of getting me where I need to go, and does it well. The peace of mind knowing that I can fold it up and store it in a secure location makes any extra work on my commute worth it.

Folding is a breeze, taking no more than 20 seconds and it's certainly possible, when you don't have anything else to worry about, to do it in about half that. The shaft drive means I don't have to worry about the mess of a chain either while in transit or when I'm carrying the folded bicycle. The included kickstand and rear rack are also of good quality and make very convenient accessories.

I'm definitely pleased with the bike but I'm also pleased with the service I've received from Dynamic Bicycles Limited, with periodic updates during the waiting period, personal check-ins, and fast response times to all of my queries. Thanks for everything.

Charlie B – Liverpool
05 Nov 2012
Sidekick 8 - The Perfect Commuter Bike
I commute from Bicester to London on a daily basis and have always taken my folding bike for the journey from home to the station and between Marylebone and the office - a total of 5 miles a day .  I always struggled with my work trousers getting covered in oil and sometimes getting caught in the chain and quite often got oil marks on my shirt when folding the bike.

As soon as I heard that Dynamic chainless bikes were available in the Uk I wasted no time and bought myself a Sidekick 8.  It arrived very quickly and was easy to put together - just insert the seatpost and the front wheel and it was ready to go.  Even the tyres had been inflated for me by Dynamic Bicycles Limited!

I was expecting a nice smooth ride and gear change and my first ride down the road did not disappoint.  The shaftdrive is noticeably quieter than a standard chain and the Shimano internal hub was quick to change gear and very smooth.  The ability to change gear when stationary in traffic makes my commute much less stressful.  No more trying to pull away in a gear that is too high, just shift down whilst stationary and pull away easily.

Overall this bike has made my journey to work much more enjoyable, no more oil on trousers or shirts (my wife is happy) and the smoothness of the shaft makes it a pleasure to ride.

I expect to see a lot more of these bikes in London over the coming months.

Paul M