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Dynamic Bicycles - Bike Simple, Bike Chainless

Dynamic Bicycles UK FAQs

Benefits of shaft drive bicycles?
Easier to operate: Simple twist grip or rapidfire shifters are convenient, responsive and operates independent of pedalling so you can change gears anytime, even at a complete stop.

Safer: No chain to fall off; no chain bite on clothing.

Cleaner: Gears and shaft are fully enclosed - no grease/oil exposure to get on hands or clothing.

Lower maintenance: Fully enclosed, durable bevel gears are protected from impacts, debris and the elements. 

Smoother ride: Fluid shifting and mesh gearing combine to create smoother pedalling and shifting. 

Easier to transport: Easy loading and unloading without getting chain grease on hands and clothes.

Lower cost of ownership: Increased durability and drastically decreased maintenance schedule means fewer service and repair costs.
How long have shaft drive bikes been around?
Shaft drive bikes actually date back to the early 1900's.  At this time, although shaft drive bikes were popular due to their clean, safe operation and smooth ride, they were only single speed. With the introduction of chain and derailleur systems, shaft drives fell out of favour in exchange for the versatility that gearing provided.Shimano's development of internal geared hubs became the catalyst for the renaissance of the shaft drive system.  Dynamic Bicycles use the most advanced shaft drive system developed and manufactured at their own factory in Taiwan.  By combining the shaft drive with the internal hub, our bikes deliver the best of both worlds - clean, low maintenance operation, as well as the versatility of a wide range of gearing.
Durability & construction
Our shaft drive system uses CNC machined spiral bevel gears made from hardened chromoly, as well as sealed cartridge bearings, and cast aluminium housings. The shaft drive system was designed to last 6,000-8,000 miles; however, this range can vary greatly depending on how the bicycle is ridden. More aggressive and heavier riders, and riders on hilly terrain will get a shorter life from the gears and bearings; more recreational riders on rolling terrain will get a longer life. The life expectancy of the shaft drive system should far surpass that of a chain/derailleur system under comparable riding conditions, and the shaft drive system is far less expensive to replace than chain/sprocket/derailleur components. Our shaft drives are made up of:
  • CNC machined, heat-treated, hardened chromoly spiral bevel gears
  • CNC machined, heat-treated, hardened chromoly spindle
  • Carbon steel shaft rod
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Precision machined cast aluminium housings
The shaft drive is also resilient to impacts and is weather resistant for all-season use. Its sealed design makes it better protected from adverse conditions such as sand, dirt, water, salt and grime than any chain bike ever could be.
How much do shaft drive bikes weigh versus chain bikes?
Our folding, hybrid and road bikes weigh approximately between 10kg – 14.5kg (23-32lbs) depending on the model and specification. Most people who ride our bikes comment how light our chainless bikes feel, especially compared to other
internal hub bikes.  The shaft drive itself only adds 0.5kg (1lb)to the weight of the bike when compared to a traditional chain/derailleur bike of a similar level.  That means for all the added advantages of our chainless bikes including a smoother ride, smoother shifting, less maintenance, fewer repairs and greater safety, the trade-off is less than 0.5kg!
Testing has shown that the efficiency of our shaft-drive system is about 92%-94%. The peak efficiency of a good chain system ranges from 95% to 97% (single-speed configuration, chain in perfect alignment and chain in permanent ideal tension). However, typical multi-speed, averagely maintained chain-derailleur bikes range in efficiency from 75% up to 85%, and require periodic adjustments and set-up to run at this level of efficiency. This means that for every pedal stroke, shaft drive bicycles will perform more consistently and shift gears more smoothly than a chain bike that is not meticulously cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. This translates into more consistent performance without worrying about adjusting chain tension, aligning chains and derailleur’s, and regularly cleaning and lubricating the chains and chain-rings.
How do Dynamic's shaft drive bicycles compare to other shaft drive bicycles?
Dynamic's shaft drive bicycles are superior in several ways:

More efficient shaft drive
 - Dynamic uses a more advanced shaft drive using more efficient spiral bevel gears in a lighter weight and more compact design. This means it takes less pedalling effort to propel the bike forward and to maintain cruising speeds. Dynamic's shaft drive also minimises the grease used to lubricate the gears, making pedalling easier. Other shaft drives fill the front gearbox in grease - so you have to pedal through all that grease - making them harder to pedal. These cheaper shaft drives also use larger, heavier gears and bulkier designs that add weight - particularly rotational weight which makes the bike less efficient.

Lighter weight bicycles
 - Dynamic's bikes weigh as much as 4.5kg (10lbs) less than competitive shaft drive bicycles. We use higher quality, lighter weight components that make our bikes ride faster and pedal easier

Stronger frame design - Dynamic's frames use either 6061 or 7005 aluminium frames (depending on model), and use stays on both sides of the rear triangle of the frame for structural integrity. Competitor shaft drive bike frames eliminate the critical horizontal frame stay on the drive side of the frame. This puts force and strain on the shaft drive that it was never designed to handle. This is important - the shaft drive is a drivetrain, not a structural component.

Faster, better bicycles - Dynamic's bicycles are faster than other shaft drive bicycles. Not only are our bicycles more efficient, which enables them to reach faster speeds, but most of our bicycles use 700C wheels. These 700C wheels are a larger diameter than 26" wheels, resulting in a longer distanced travelled for each pedal stroke. In addition, many of our bicycles use Shimano's 8-speed hubs which provide both lower AND higher gearing for easier hill climbing AND faster speeds than competitive shaft drive bicycles. Plus, since our bikes are so much lighter than our competitor's shaft drive bikes, our bicycles can reach and maintain faster speeds more easily. This makes our bicycles more versatile and more competitive with traditional chain bikes.
Where are the gears?
We use Shimano's advanced internal gear technology. The gears are all neatly tucked away inside the rear wheel hub. These types of internal gears are called hub gears. Because all the moving parts are sealed inside the hub, there are no external moving parts to maintain, adjust or clean. Shimano's hubs are sealed and lubricated to provide many years of worry-free riding.
How many gears?
Dynamic Bicycles uses the Shimano 8-speed internal gear hub technology. However, don't let the number of speeds mislead you. With Shimano internal hubs there, are bigger "steps" between the gears, so a single gear change on our bike is like changing 2-3 gears on a chain bike.  Our 8-speed bikes provide the same gear range as 20 gears on a chain bike.  This gives you a very wide range of gearing for climbing hills or cruising streets without all the messy, noisy, external gear components.  In essence, internal hubs just eliminate all the redundant, unused gears inherent in chain bikes and provide you with much simplified, more consistent and more reliable gearing,  these hubs are virtually maintenance free.